My sister tried to make my hair look similar to Niel’s aRtisT hair~ Did it turn out okay?it looks better in person since my camera is crap… i think i look too happy….like i’m high or something lol
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Almost Christmas xD

So yesterday, i went to the mall and bought a huge sweater xD its so comfortable and soft *O* i really love winter clothes. I saw this one korean guy that goes to Orchestra rehearsal with me at the mall. We kept passing each other and it was really awkward. i felt like we were having a stare down every time we passed each other lol.

ANYWAYS xD i bought my mom, daddy, grandma, and my 2 sisters presents :D i can’t wait to see their faces when they open it xD Do you think i kinda look like a boy in the 2nd picture ;A;? wish my skin was as pale as ulzzangs….i look yellow o.o

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Me and Niel (= u =)

Something i drew in Math class~ keke~ i’m on the left and Niel’s on the right. Does it look like us? If only this was a real picture…..

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Dress like Niel and Youngmin Day ^u^

Soooooo yesterday i pretty much wore similar clothes as Niel and Youngmin to school~ I think mine was more like Youngmin’s though since Niel had the extra long white shirt part, but at least i had the same necklace as him. Heehee~ I think Niel’s outfit was from teen top’s performance of back at one. and Youngmin’s outfit was from a UCC mission :3 i meant to upload this yesterday but i was busy T^T

is it similar? :D I hope i look as cool and charismatic as they do ;A;. OTL my weird facial expression….

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New Pajamas :D

I really like soft clothes so Pajamas make me happy :D Do i look tired? lol >< i even tied a white ribbon in my hair :D although you can’t see it well ^^;;

Look, i match with my bunny, Niel <3 lol. He’s dressed up as a chef :3

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Heehee~ A Selca of my beautiful sister and my ugly self C: Meant to post this a few days ago, but i forgot ^^;; took this before my orchestra concert~ I&#8217;m making a weird face again T^T lol
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Do i look better with Kwangmin? or Niel ? :D

Me and Daniel <3

Or Me and Kwangmin? <3

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